Get ready for the Next Big Thing

A new look at technology: not just what's coming, but what's staying.

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I love consumer technology, but that doesn't mean I love it for its own sake. Like you, I only spend my own time and money on tech that really works, without me having to contort my life around it. And, like you, I've seen more than a few "next big things" that weren't.

So for this Next Big Thing, we'll try to tease the two apart: real, meaningful trends from gadgetry and half-baked jump balls. We'll sample CNET videos that show you the tech behind big changes coming to our lives, then get the lay of the land around them. If we do our job right, you'll come away a little smarter and with some mental bookmarks on what to watch and what you can tune out.

Our point of view in the show is that of the consumer who wants to know how they are being approached by the technology industry. And our definition of "next" is a tangible next, not futurism.

We'll bring you a new episode every month, since this show is all about broader trends seen from a greater height. Of course, feel free to shoot me your suggestions for tech trends you'd like us to examine.