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Prepare for the next season of 'The Walking Dead' in just 7 minutes

Been a while since you've seen season 5 of "The Walking Dead?" Catch up with this seven-minute video recap of the season before season 6 airs.

Warning: The video above contains spoilers, so only watch it, and read the article below, if you've seen season 5 of "The Walking Dead."

It's been about six months since the end of "The Walking Dead" season 5, long enough that you may be a little fuzzy about what happened to Rick and company last year.

With season 6 right around the corner, the Fine Brothers, a popular entertainment studio that makes a ton of viral YouTube videos, fortunately put together a seven-minute video that recaps all the major happenings in the eventful season. This way, you can quickly get caught up on the series ahead of the season 6 premiere later this month.

The clip, posted Tuesday, takes viewers all the way from the beginning of the season at Terminus through the introduction of the Wolves in the season finale, all in just under seven minutes. The Fine Brothers previously made a quick catch-up video for before its third season started.

"The Walking Dead" season 6 will bring all sorts of zombie-infested goodness to your TV screens on Sunday, October 11 in the US, followed by the UK and Australia on October 12.