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Get ready for 'Minority Report'-style sales pitches

With B-Reel's multitouch video chat system, salespeople can sling graphics around on your monitor.

Swedish phone company Hi3G Access wants to reach out and touch everyone with a new "Minority Report"-style video chat system through which its staff can shuffle graphics around with their hands.

As seen in the vid, 3LiveShop is a Flash-based multitouch system through which Hi3G staff can pull up images with the flick of a finger while video chatting with customers.

Developer B-Reel, a production company in Stockholm, says the system is the first of its kind in the world. The products are shown in a separate stream from the video for better resolution.

Staff can also create onscreen bills to show costs associated with phone models. After a customer selects a phone, it gets dropped into a cart for checkout in the e-commerce system.

The multitouch screens, developed with Teenage Engineering, include mirrors and high-end cameras. There are only three workstations with the system at the moment, but the company is thinking of expanding it to other countries if it's successful.

I think using a mouse would be a lot easier on the sales staff's arms, but of course it wouldn't look as cool.