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HBO Go latest to jump on Apple single sign-on: 'Westworld' bingeing, here we come!

Now you don't have to keep typing in your login info to watch your favorite HBO shows.


Now you can watch more cool stuff.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Fire up your Apple TV; it's time to rewatch all of "Westworld." Apple has now added HBO Go to its list of TV streamers compatible with Apple's single sign-on feature. (See them all here.)

Drafting HBO Go to the lineup is potentially a big step. Previously, single sign-on (SSO) was compatible with streams from networks like ABC, Telemundo, ESPN, and Food Network, but HBO is the first premium cable channel to join the circus. We're hoping more get added to the list.

When single sign-on was first announced last June, TV watchers rejoiced. SSO allows you to input your cable login information just once on your iOS or TV OS devices, and -- boom! -- you're granted access to all available TV content. Anyone who's had to type in their account and password hundreds of times using an Apple TV remote can tell you how much that process sucks. Unfortunately, it took a year and a half to actually see the feature make its way to Apple TVs and iPads. Since then, compatible streaming apps have been coming in slowly. Hopefully, HBO Go's entrance signals a changing of the tide.

If you're signed into SSO and you're an HBO customer, you should already be logged in to the HBO Go app. If you need help setting up single sign-on, check out the CNET guide to get started. And if you need ideas for what to stream, CNET also has you covered.