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Get precisely measured salad dressing every time

Press-and-Measure Oil and Vinegar Dispenser takes the guesswork out of measuring salad dressing.

Delicious results, every time. Sur La Table

I like salads. I can't think of any meal that is more customizable. Basically, you cut a bunch of stuff up and throw it in a bowl. Which as a definition for salad suits me just fine. Whether I decide chunks of meat constitute a salad or opt for a vegetable-based ensemble, as long as it's in a bowl, I call it a salad. (As long as it's not soup, that is). More often than not, as a final touch, I reach for oil and vinegar.

Oil and vinegar are a classic combination and offer even more opportunities to cater to individual tastes. Just a quick look at the types of vinegar available can be overwhelming. From apple cider to white rice vinegar, the options are seemingly endless. However, the search is worth it as the right vinegar paired with a good olive oil can do wonders for any salad.

While some may opt for casually tossing oil and vinegar together, others appreciate more consistent results. This Press-and-Measure Oil and Vinegar Dispenser can provide those results. By simply pressing a button, a precise amount of oil or vinegar is delivered to the receptacle on top. The spout is calibrated for tablespoon, teaspoon, and milliliter measurements. Made of glass and stainless steel, the whole construction is dishwasher safe.

So whether your favorite salad is based on healthy greens or you have a more uh, creative definition, you'll know what to expect out of that salad bowl, each and every time.