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Get personalized etchings on your Galaxy Nexus

A Seattle-based artist etches personalized designs on the battery doors of Galaxy Nexuses through IndieGoGo.

Does anyone miss those days when everyone owned candy bar Nokias and switched phone plates as often as their outfits? Because I do.

A customized Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the phrase, 'Got Root?' omie07

I remember walking through malls and seeing kiosk after kiosk of crazy phone plates just waiting for me to take home and snap on (be sure to line up the buttons with the holes!) After I heard the resounding click, I knew I had a brand-new phone just like that. Not really, but you get the idea.

These days, there are numerous phone covers and skins you can choose from, but they don't have quite the same appeal. And because it's gotten so hard and so rare to customize phones integrally, any service that offers to aesthetically change the phone itself perks my ears.

And, yes, even things as simple as etchings can tickle my fancy.

That's why I was excited to hear about IndieGoGo member "omie07." Droid Life reported that omie07 is running a Kickstarter-esque campaign to fund a Samsung Galaxy Nexus customization business.

That's right--send in some money along with a 2x2-inch design, and you can give your Nexus yet another way to stand out (as if that Ice Cream Sandwich OS wasn't already good enough for you).

The money donors/customers give goes toward buying battery doors (stock battery doors and extended battery doors) from OEMs that are not "third-party knockoffs," according to omie07's IndieGogo page.

Starting at $30, the pricing can get a little steep. But once people get phones that they can truly claim as one of a kind, it's pretty easy to see why omie07 is raising more than the intended goal.