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Get nine Mac apps for $39 and help charity

The folks at MacHeist will contribute 25 percent of your purchase price to any of 10 charities. In the meantime, you walk away with more than $600 worth of great Mac software.

A mere $39 buys you 9 great Mac apps--and possibly a 10. MacHeist

Calling all Mac users! Now's your chance to score some first-class software on the cheap and help charity at the same time.

It's called the MacHeist 3 bundle, and here's how it works: For $39, you get nine full, unlocked, commercial Mac apps (which have a combined value of $621.75).

At the same time, you get to a choose a charity to receive 25 percent of that $39. Action Against Hunger, Humane Society International, Save the Children, and Save Darfur are among the 10 available charities.

Already, it's a win-win proposition. But wait, there's more. If the contribution tally reaches $400,000 (it's currently at about $371,000), MacHeist unlocks a 10th app--and makes it available to everyone who already purchased the bundle.

You can see the app list at the MacHeist site. It's a terrific mix of stuff: games, image editors, recording utilities, and even a $300 3D animation builder.

I was going to hold this post until Monday, but MacHeist has only three days left, and I want to encourage as many folks as possible to support it.

Anyone know if there's a Windows equivalent? If not, I may just have to rally the Cheapskate troops and create one myself. In the meantime, even if you're not a Mac user, consider supporting this admirable promotion. I am.

Thanks to CNET's Brian Cooley for letting me know about this when I was a guest on CNET Live earlier this week.