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Get nine indie PC games for $5.91

The Indie Gala Magicka bundle includes some compelling action and fantasy titles, two of which are a mystery (for now).

The Indie Gala Magicka bundle includes nine games, two of which have yet to be unlocked.
The Indie Gala Magicka bundle includes nine games, two of which have yet to be unlocked. Indie Gala

Calling all gamers! Can you scrape together at least six bucks? For about the price of a venti cafe mocha, which takes maybe 10 minutes to drink, you can get enough games to last you maybe 10 months.

Yep, it's another Indie Gala game bundle, this time with nine PC titles that can be yours if you pay at least $5.91.

The games include the fantasy-action side-scroller Trine, city-management sim Cities in Motion, humor-tinged Diablo clone Magicka (along with mission pack Magicka: Vietnam), and blood-and-guts FPS Painkiller: Black Edition.

Most of these date back a few years and rate in the 'B' to 'B+' range. One exception: the FPS You Are Empty, which was widely panned by critics when it was released back in 2007.

Also, two of the nine games in the bundle have yet to be unlocked (they will be in a day or two), so for the moment they're a mystery.

Like other Indie Gala bundles, this one lets you choose how to distribute your donation ($5.91 is the minimum price; you can always pay more if you feel it's worth it). Among the possible recipients: AbleGamers, a very worthwhile charity that "enables children and adults with disabilities and veterans after war trauma to play video games."

I've seen better game bundles, no doubt about it, but there's definitely some entertaining stuff here -- and even if you play only, say, six of the games, you're still getting them for less than a buck apiece. That's just plain hard to beat. Game on?

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