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Get 'Mass Effect' (PC) for $4.95

Like to blow stuff up real good and gain experience points while doing it? BioWare's action-RPG smash hit came to the PC in style, and it's on sale for just 5 bucks.

Cyber Monday score! This new classic for the PC is on sale for just $4.95.

Sigh. Sellout blues today, people. But I'd like to see a digital download sell out!

As part of a Cyber Monday promo, Direct2Drive is offering the award-winning, uber-popular PC game Mass Effect for just $4.95.

How award-winning? How uber-popular? Check out GameSpot's review of Mass Effect, which awards it the rarely achieved score of 9.0. Average user score? About the same: 8.9.

In fact, the PC version of the Xbox 360 classic offers "streamlined combat and numerous minor improvements." (Sounds good to me: I prefer to game on my PC anyway.)

The game sold for around $40 when it debuted in summer 2008, so $4.95 is just too good to pass up--especially for fans of the action/RPG genre.

Direct2Drive's deal is good until noon (ET) Tuesday. Get it while you can!