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Get LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for $48

That's for one year of service with these top-rated remote-access tools, which would normally cost you $109.90. Cheapskate exclusive!

LogMeIn Pro offers a wealth of remote-access features.
LogMeIn Pro offers a wealth of remote-access features. LogMeIn

Ever wonder how the sausage is made around here? I can't reveal all the tricks of the cheapskate trade, but I do want to shine some light on the "exclusive" deals I occasionally post.

Every so often a developer or vendor approaches me to ask if I'll spotlight one of their products. If it's a killer deal, I'll usually say yes. If it's a product or service I know well and really like, I'll usually say yes.

But sometimes I'll tell the rep or owner outright: This isn't a good deal. And I'll ask them to do better, to sweeten the discount, extend the subscription period, etc.

So it was with LogMeIn. For years, LogMeIn Free has been my preferred remote-access tool. So when a company rep offered me a deal to share on some commercial LogMeIn products, I was tempted -- but ultimately said no. The deal wasn't good enough.

The rep pitched me again a couple months later. Again I said no -- the deal wasn't good enough.

Finally, they came through with a deal I liked: Get one year of LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Ignition for Windows for $48. (Alternately, you can do them separately at $39 and $9, respectively.) Normally, that pair would run you $109.90.

To get the deal, head to the LogMeIn registration page and sign up for an account. You'll automatically get a two-week trial of LogMeIn Pro, after which it reverts to LogMeIn Free -- unless you pay for Pro and use coupon code 9NTD-CBKT.

Likewise, you can try LogMeIn Ignition for Windows free for two weeks, then buy it using coupon code A5MK-LYVP. According to the rep, both these codes are code through October, so you've got plenty of time to try one or both products.

LogMeIn Pro gives you full remote access to your PCs, access that includes control of the desktop, file transfers, file sharing, printing, and even HD-quality video and audio streaming. You can also access your desktop via free iOS apps. For sake of comparison, LogMeIn Free gives you remote control and not much more. (Here's a comparison.)

Typically you use your browser to access your remote PCs, but Ignition for Windows lets you bypass the browser for faster, easier access. It can also run from a flash drive, making it a good choice for on-the-go users and support techs.

Indeed, I'd say both these deals are best suited to business users and IT types -- anyone who needs the more advanced features not afforded by LogMeIn Free. If you're in that category, here's your chance to save big on a one-year subscription -- and get a deal you won't find anywhere else. Thoughts?

Bonus deal: Headphones -- you can never have too many, what with them always getting lost or hopelessly tangled. For just a couple more days, as part of another CNET exclusive (are we rockin' it right now or what?), you can get the MEElectronics M9P earphones with mic for $13.49 shipped. That's five bucks less than you'll pay for the same pair on Amazon (which does charge you shipping unless you pad your cart to $25). Features include a tangle-resistant cord, a carrying case, and five sets of eartips.