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In honor of its 30th anniversary, Laplink is giving away this $40 utility. Just one problem: It's not available yet.

If only Laplink offered more information about what this actually is.
If only Laplink offered more information about what this actually is. Laplink

Greetings from 34,000 feet! Sometimes I still marvel at being able to get Internet access all the way up here.

So, funny story, yesterday I received a press release indicating that today, and only today, Laplink is giving away its Laplink Sync utility. It normally costs $39.99.

Update:Looks like Laplink's servers are on fire (figuratively), as many people are reporting problems claiming the offer -- not uncommon with a heavily promoted giveaway such as this. Hopefully the company will do the right thing and extend it so everyone can have a chance at it.

Or will cost $39.99, when it actually goes on sale. See, Laplink Sync isn't actually a shipping product yet. I learned this while trying to research it (no help from the PR rep, who didn't answer my e-mail), finding only a utility called PCsync and assuming this was that.

But apparently it's something else, as evidenced by this disclaimer on the giveaway page: "Laplink Sync is currently in its final stages of development and will be released soon. You will be notified by email when it is released for you to download."

In other words, in honor of Laplink's 30th anniversary, you can get a free Laplink utility -- eventually. No doubt some users will accuse the company of nefarious marketing practices, but I find the whole thing pretty amusing. And I trust Laplink to come through with the giveaway once Sync is ready.

Ah, but what is Laplink Sync? That's where it really gets funny: I have no idea. Other than promising "automated file transfer and synchronization," the promo page offers no description of the product -- its features, system requirements, compatibility, etc. Thankfully, the press release I received yesterday revealed a bit more -- though only a bit: "Laplink Sync is a revolutionary new way to sync between PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and more."

So is this something you need? Um, yeah, I still have no idea. I do know it's a $40 utility you can get for free, someday, and the only requirement is creating a Laplink account. What do you think: worth the effort?

Bonus deal: Another weird one: Newegg has the Klipsch Image E1 earbuds for $19.99 shipped, with a mail-in rebate bringing your final cost down to $0. What's weird about it? The user reviews are pretty horrendous. So again I'll pose the question: worth the effort?

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