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Get House of Marley on-ear headphones for $24.99

From the Cheapskate: Priced at $75 elsewhere, these attractive 'phones feature a tangle-free cord and inline microphone. Plus: a seriously great game bundle for kids.

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Last week we talked about headphones (well, earphones) for the gym. Today, let's talk about another scenario: headphones for the home. The pair you put on when you're curled up in your favorite chair, working in the garden and so on -- situations that prize comfort and audio fidelity over noise-isolation and sweat-proofiness.

I've got just the pair. For a limited time, and while supplies last, TechRabbit has the House of Marley Liberate on-ear headphones for $24.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code CNETMARLEY25 at checkout. These are new, not refurbished, and they'd run you $75 at Amazon.

House of Marley

Made from recycled materials, including FSC-certified wood (that's a real thing; I looked it up), the eco-friendly Liberate mixes gray fabric with saddle-colored ear cups. I like the design a lot, though I can see where that particular color combination won't appeal to everyone.

These are "on-ear" headphones, meaning they don't completely cover your ears. That's good because your ears won't get all sweaty after long periods of listening. The flipside is they put pressure on your actual ears, which could prove uncomfortable after long periods of listening.

I haven't used these myself, but they have a few things in common with other House of Marley products I've tried and liked: a blessedly tangle-free cord, an inline microphone with volume and play/pause controls and a right-angle connector.

The aforementioned Amazon option reveals nearly 70 user reviews and an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. I haven't found many professional reviews, but there's a consensus that the Liberate leans pretty heavily on bass, which is apparently a Marley signature. If you like a lot of bass -- score! If not, maybe look elsewhere.

I share a lot of headphone deals around these parts, many of them from no-brand companies. I like House of Marley's Earth-friendly philosophy and charitable contributions (a portion of its proceeds go to the Marley family's 1Love). I also like scoring a set of headphones for one-third of the regular price.

Father's Day is coming. So is graduation day. This would make for a pretty sweet gift, I think. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: As I've said many times, most smartwatches try to do too much. The big benefit of a smartwatch is notifications, a feature I find invaluable. Thankfully, you no longer have to spend $250 or more to see if you agree: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Groupon has the refurbished Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch for $99.99 shipped. I've seen it for less -- as much as $20 less -- but this is still a solid deal on a really attractive wrist-companion.

Bonus deal 2: Game time! The Lego Pick & Mix bundle from Bundle Stars lets you choose any three Lego games for just $10. These include recent releases including Lego Jurassic World and classics such as Lego Harry Potter. My advice: Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and the Lego Movie Videogame (if for no other reason than the movie was so awesome). Seriously, if you have kids in your house, this is too good to pass up. You'll need a Steam account to redeem the keys.

Giveaway! In case yesterday's drone giveaway wasn't enough, allow me to steer you to another great prize opportunity: a 360-degree camera! It's CNET's Snapchat-inspired giveaway, with one lucky winner taking home a Ricoh Theta-S camera valued at $349.95. With it you can create spherical photos and videos just by pressing a button. Want want want!