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Get grandpa his FireFork, youngin'

A simple design turns a stick into an elongated fork-- just slip it onto the end of a stick to cook hot dogs and more.

Grandpa's FireFork--finally the fire is within reach. ThinkGeek

Here's a solution to a problem that's been dogging mankind since the very first caveman figured out fire makes food taste good: Grandpa's FireFork. Sure, this could have been invented in the Iron Age, but it wasn't. Or if it was, it was lost to time. Which is perhaps why it is named as it is named. Grandpas all across the land tend to impart a certain wisdom you cannot find anywhere else. If anyone knows how to tame fire, it's the family elders--those who sit in rocking chairs chewing straw and jibber-jabbering about the good old days.

Great. OK, but what is so exciting about Grandpa's fork? Well, because it's a fire fork, of course. Designed with one simple, yet vital, task in mind, the gizmo is a simple metal contraption you attach to the end of a stick. Instead of dealing with a twisted up coat hanger with possible sharp edges (like grandpas around the world have always done around the family fire pit), this elegant solution makes a nice little addition to your camping gear bag.

If you've ever tried cooking a hot dog over an open fire with only a stick to keep the hot dog from falling into the flames, you'll appreciate the simple beauty of this gadget.