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Get free software every day from Giveaway of the Day

The aptly named Giveaway of the Day site offers one free commercial app per day. The only catch? You have to download and install it within a 24-hour window.

Giveaway of the Day offers one free download every day. Rick Broida

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Giveaway of the Day gives you a different commercial software application, free of charge, every day. Yes, there's a catch, but it's a simple one: each program is made available for only 24 hours, and you have to install it the day you download it.

Let me clarify that: The software doesn't expire after 24 hours. Rather, you have a one-day window in which to download it and install it. But once that's done, it's yours to keep forever (or at least until you reformat your hard drive).

Don't expect to find Quicken or Microsoft Office here; the selection consists mostly of utilities, security tools, DVD rippers, and the like. Some of it's junk, but there are some gems--and you definitely can't beat the price. If you want to know whether the day's program is worth the download, click the "Proceed to download page" link and check readers' ratings and comments, which are usually copious.

While you're at it, head to Game Giveaway of the Day: same deal, all games.