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Get Company of Heroes (PC) and other games for $5 each

If you've got five bucks to spare, you can grab one of the most popular PC wargames of all time. And you won't have to wait long to start playing: The game downloads right to your PC.

Games that once sold for $40-50 are now available for just $5 apiece. Direct2Drive

A few weeks back I told you about Direct2Drive's 5-year-anniversary sale, which was offering games like BioShock (a personal favorite) for $5 apiece.

I hope you've been checking the site every week since then, because the cheap hits just keep on coming. This week it's wargames, starting with the beloved, award-winning Company of Heroes Gold--yours for just five smackers.

Other $5 gems include Supreme Commander Gold, World in Conflict Gold Edition, and Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (which, incidentally, scored a rare 9.0 on GameSpot). Good, good stuff.

In case the name of the service doesn't give it away, Direct2Drive provides game downloads--meaning no shipping charges.

And if you happened to miss my first post, good news: BioShock is still available.

There's one week left in this anniversary promotion, so be sure to check back next Monday to see if Direct2Drive has saved the best for last. In the meantime, here's your chance to stock up on some great games for about the cost of a grande frappuccino.

Update: My mistake: This is, in fact, the last week of the promotion. So you've got until Oct. 11 to grab these bargains.