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Get comfy in Alberto Frias' $16,000 iPod bed!

The ultimate iPod accessory, Alberto Frias' $16,000 iPod bed!

Alberto Frias

Got a chuckle out of Wes Phillips Stereophile blog yesterday. His take on Alberto Frias' $16,000 Transportperceptual pod bed caught my eye. The Transport comes equipped with a set of Anthony Gallo Acoustics' Nucleus Micro speakers and subwoofer, so it probably sounds pretty decent. The pod also offers a sensual environment with a temperature-controlled waterbed and LED light show. The hand-made Transport Pod Bed is available in two sizes -- six and eight feet in diameter. Standard exterior colors are white or black high gloss gel coat finishes. The Transport can be experienced and ordered at Twentieth, a modern furnishings and design store in Beverly Hills.