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Get an Xbox 360 HD DVD player for $49.99

Best Buy has a serious discount on the soon-to-be-discontinued Xbox 360 HD DVD player, which includes six free movies (one in the box, five by mail).


I suppose this was inevitable: Best Buy has the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive $49.99, down from $129.99 (the price still listed on Microsoft's site). You get one free movie in the box (King Kong--blech) and five by mail.

I've got one of these babies, and it's pretty good. It serves up 1080p and provides a pair of USB ports. However, it employs component video outputs, not HDMI, so it can't upconvert standard-def DVDs (unless you have an Xbox 360 Elite, which does, of course, offer HDMI connectivity). That's a pretty big downside, IMHO, though you can still look upon this deal as getting six HD DVD movies for 50 bucks and a free player to boot. Worth it? Click the comments link and share your thoughts.

Update: Microsoft's site now lists the player at $49.99, meaning you should be able to pick it up just about anywhere for that price.