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Get an Endevr Sport ID bracelet for $14.95 shipped

This coded, QR-tagged band can help emergency responders quickly retrieve your medical profile, emergency-contact info, and more.


Today's deal is unofficially brought to you by the Boy Scouts of America -- or, more accurately, the BSA's motto: be prepared.

An ID bracelet can mean the difference between life and death. If you have a medical condition, if you're a senior citizen, if you're an active walker, jogger, biker, swimmer, or the like, you just never know when you might find yourself splayed on the ground, unconscious.

And when a good Samaritan and/or EMT comes to the rescue, how can you communicate information about yourself? Name, vitals, emergency contacts, etc?

Here's how: For a limited time, Endevr has the MyID Sport identification bracelet for $14.95 shipped when you apply coupon code MyID25 at checkout. They're normally $19.95, plus around $3 for shipping.

Available in your choice of a dozen color combinations, this slim, stylish rubber wristband is barely noticeable. I wore one around for days and pretty much forgot it was there. On the inside there's a printed QR code, toll-free phone number, Web address, and unique ID and PIN, any of which an emergency responder can use to retrieve vital info about you.

That info is stored in a personal profile you can stuff with as much or as little data as you want: name, blood type, medical conditions, allergies, insurance, emergency contacts, etc. This "premium" profile is included for one year, after which it'll cost you $9.95 annually. Or, you can let it revert to a free "basic" profile, which stores a bit less info.

There's an iOS app you can use to create this profile, but it's really just as easy to do so via the website. However, the app can also generate a secondary QR code to overlay on your iPhone lock screen, giving EMTs another scanning option. (You can't be too prepared, am I right?)

Obviously not everyone needs something like this, but I think for 15 bucks out the door, it's a worthwhile bit of insurance that could truly mean the difference between life and death. Buy one for yourself or someone you love. Hopefully you'll never, ever need it.

Bonus deal: Say...could there be a new Apple TV box waiting in the wings? A bit of evidence to support that theory: You can now get a refurbished Apple TV for $75 shipped, the lowest price I've seen for Apple's media-streamer. It doesn't do Amazon Instant Video, of course, but it can deliver HBO Go to the unfortunate Comcast subscribers who can't get it via Roku boxes. (Seriously, Comcast? Still?) The refurb comes with a one-year warranty, same as new.