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Get an Echo Show 5 and Wyze indoor smart camera for $70

The Echo Show 5 has been selling at a discount recently. Now you can get a smart camera thrown in for the same price.

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It can't be overstated that right now, the best way for us common folks to help combat the coronavirus is through a generous heaping of social distancing. As we keep ourselves at lots-more-than-arm's distance over the next few months, we'll need more and more ways to stay connected. One way to do that is with a smart display that you can use for video calling. Right now, you can grab an Echo Show 5 bundled with a Wyze indoor smart camera for $70.

Not only is that $46 less than the list price for both of these items separately, but elsewhere on Amazon you can get the Echo Show 5 for $20 off, priced at $70 all by itself. If you happen to want an Echo Show 5 right now, the Wyze camera bundle is a no-brainer.

The Echo Show 5 lets you chat with other Echo owners on the 5.5-inch display, as well as watch videos and TV shows. It's a great size for the kitchen or bedroom. If you need a refresher, you can read our review of the Echo Show 5.

The Wyze indoor smart camera, on the other hand, is a surprisingly effective $20 indoor security cam. It can livestream in 1080p resolution and automatically record short clips whenever it senses sound or motion in the immediate vicinity. For all the deets on this little camera, read the CNET review of the Wyze Smart Home Camera

How are you coping with self-quarantine? Is video calling part of your plan? Sound off on your home strategies in the comments. 

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