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Get an Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station router for $74.99

Normally $179.99 new and $99.99 refurbished, this powerful router promises painless setup and dual-band operation.

The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station.
The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station. DealFisher

What's your router situation like? Need something newer, faster, better than your pokey old 802.11g model?

For a limited time, and while supplies last, DealFisher has the refurbished Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station router for $74.99 shipped. (This is the older, fifth-gen version, not the updated 2013 version for $199.) That's $25 less than Apple charges for a refurb and nearly $100 less than you'd pay for a new one.

Though designed by Apple, the AirPort works with any home network for any connected devices. It supports 802.11 a/b/g/n and features dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) operation. It has three Ethernet ports, one fewer than most routers, and a USB port for connecting a printer or hard drive.

The router also has all the security features you'd expect, and Apple's AirPort Utility (available for both Mac and Windows) makes for especially easy setup, according to CNET's review of the Extreme.

That review took issue with the unit's high price, but that was two years ago when it sold for $179.99. If you don't mind going the refurb route, you can get it for less than half of that.

However, unlike the aforementioned $99 refurb from Apple, which includes a one-year warranty, this one is covered for only 90 days. I don't think there's much that can go wrong with a router, but if that's a concern, consider spending the extra $25.

Truth be told, I've never used an AirPort, so I can't comment on the good, bad, or other. If you can, by all means do so in the comments. In the meantime, check out the user reviews over at Amazon: they're overwhelmingly positive.

Bonus deal: While supplies last, BestTopDeals via eBay has the refurbished Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch e-reader for $39 shipped. Although it's coming from a third-party seller, it's a "certified preowned" Nook, meaning it should have the same one-year warranty as a new one. The Simple Touch features a touch-screen interface, a microSD slot for extra storage, and that gorgeous, paper-white display.

Bonus deal No. 2: This almost seems like it must be a mistake, but HSN is currently offering a 1-year subscription to Wired for just $0.01 -- and the price drops to zero when you add it to your cart. (Nepotism alert: I'm an occasional contributor.) I find the user reviews rather funny; HSN is definitely not the target audience for Wired. But I am; it's one of my favorite magazines.

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