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Get an Acer Aspire One Netbook for $199.97

This mega-popular netbook sold new for $350. Here's your chance to scoop one up on the dirt-cheap. The only real caveat is the warranty, which expires after 90 days.

Originally $350, the Aspire One can be yours for just $199.97. CompUSA

These will sell out quickly, so let's dive right in: CompUSA has the Acer Aspire One AOA150-1786 Netbook for $199.97. Its shipping runs a very reasonable $1.99.

Because this is a refurbished unit, the warranty expires after 90 days. That's not a deal-breaker to me, as the only mechanical part in the thing is the hard drive.

The last time I posted an Aspire One Netbook, it was a Linux-powered model with a 16GB solid-state drive--for $239. For 40 bucks less, the AOA150-1786 features Windows XP and a 120GB hard drive.

It also comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8.9-inch LCD, a Webcam, 802.11b/g, and a three-cell battery. In other words, it's a full-featured PC, but one that measures just 9.8 inches by 6.7 inches by 1.1 inches and weighs a scant 2.3 pounds.

I own a nearly identical model, the AOA150-1570, which I chronicled in the Netbook Diaries. In a nutshell: Its battery life is pretty crummy, and I don't like the small track pad or its button placement.

Of course, most Netbooks that have three-cell batteries have crummy battery life. I like the Aspire One a lot, more than I ever thought I would. It's a great little travel companion, especially if your needs are minimal (e-mail, Web browsing, word processing, and so on). At $202 out the door, this model is almost impossible to beat.

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