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Get an 8GB iPod Nano for $179.99 shipped

Save $20 on the third-generation Nano, which is available in four colors. Amazon has the deal, plus free shipping to boot.


It's really rare to find a deal on iPods (unless you're shopping the Apple store for refurbs), but Amazon has a doozy: The 8GB iPod Nano for $179.99, shipped. This is the new 3rd-gen model, the one with the 2-inch screen and ridiculously wafer-thin design. (I know this is going to sound weird, but I just want to pop the little guy in my mouth. You just can't appreciate how cute and tiny and, well, tasty-looking it is until you hold one.)

Equally rare, you get a choice of colors: blue, green, black, or silver. Plus, these are new units, not refurbs, and they qualify for Amazon's free-shipping deal. Granted, the savings amount to just $20, so maybe "doozy" is too strong a word--but like I said, it's unusual to see any kind of discount on iPods. Get this one before it's gone.