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Get an 8GB flash drive for $8 shipped

It's the return of the awesome Kingston 8GB drive from a couple months ago.

The Kingston DataTraveler DT108.
The Kingston DataTraveler DT108. Newegg

This is an update of a deal I posted a couple months ago.

What do I want in a flash drive? A tiny, capless design. A nice color. A heavy-duty metal casing and a keyring loop that won't break.

That describes today's deal in a nutshell. While supplies last (and they may not last long, if the past is any indication), Newegg has the Kingston DataTraveler DT108 8GB flash drive for $7.99 shipped.

Update: Sold out! Sad but true. Fortunately, Adorama has the same drive for just a buck more. Still an awesome deal.

It's a lovely shade of fire-engine red, and its capless design relies on a hinged cover that protects the USB connector. Plus, it's downright tiny, only a hair larger and longer than the USB connector itself.

As I've mentioned before, drives like these are great not just for transporting large files and making quick backups of essential data, but also for great for rescuing a malware-infected PC. I did exactly that not too long with a couple freeware gems: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SuperAntiSpyware.

The DataTraveler comes preloaded with Kingston's UrDrive software, which includes a Web browser, an MP3 player, a photo viewer, and the like. It also allows you to install programs on the drive and make them portable, meaning they leave behind no trace on the host PC when run. UrDrive is, of course, completely optional to use.

So. An 8GB flash drive for $8 out the door. No rebates, no newsletters to sign up for, just a killer deal. Schwing!

Bonus deal: Speaking of Kingston gear, Amazon has the Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB for $99.99 shipped. It adds wireless extra to storage to devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.