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Get a wide-screen GPS for $66.99 shipped

The Pharos Drive 200 doesn't have many bells or whistles, but it does offer a 4-inch LCD and text-to-speech. You can find it on Dell's Web site.

Find your way with this incredibly inexpensive wide-screen GPS. Dell

Just last month, I was so stoked to find a Sony wide-screen GPS for $99.99, I actually bought one.

Too bad I didn't wait, as Dell has the Pharos Drive 200 wide-screen GPS for just $66.99. It's a new unit, not a refurb, and Dell picks up the shipping.

Needless to say, that blows away any previous deal I've posted on a wide-screen navigation system. (FYI, wide screen means a 4-inch, wide-format LCD, as opposed to the square-ish 3.5-inch screen on most cheapo GPS units. That half inch may not sound like much, but trust me: it makes for much easier viewing.)

As you might expect, the Pharos Drive 200 has a pretty basic feature set, including preloaded maps of the continental United States, a "walking" mode, and a windshield mount.

However, there's one higher-end ace in the feature hole: text-to-speech, meaning that the Drive 200 will announce street names instead of just saying, "Take next right." That's a mighty nice amenity, and I'm glad to see it in such a low-priced GPS.

OK, but is the GPS any good? I haven't found many reviews, but there's plenty of user feedback on Dell's site, if you care to read it. Most of the complaints seem pretty minor, so if you're itching for a cheap GPS and don't need a lot of bells and whistles, act fast. This will sell out quickly.