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Get a wide-screen GPS for $58.49 shipped

The Pharos Drive 200 offers text-to-speech and, well, that's about it in the feature department. But who cares? It has a bigger screen than similarly priced navigators, and it's new!

Though light on bells and whistles, the Pharos Drive 200 offers a 4-inch screen and text-to-speech. Pharos

If you're in the market for a GPS, I highly recommend one with a 4-inch-wide screen. Sure, you can save a few bucks on a square 3.5-incher, but those seem downright tiny in comparison.

Because a smaller screen is harder to see, you're likely to have to steal more glances at it--which means less time focused on the road. Nav systems are distracting enough as it is, so do yourself a favor and splurge on one that's easier on the eyes.

Actually, forget splurging: Dell has the Pharos Drive 200 wide-screen GPS on sale for just $58.49. Shipping is free, but be sure to apply coupon code VBGH?K188CBWMC at the checkout page.

This is a fairly bare-bones GPS, with no traffic updates or Bluetooth or anything like that. But it does offer text-to-speech, arguably the most valuable feature when it comes to actual navigation.

What's more, it has a list price of $149.95, meaning Dell's deal is saving you a bundle. However, some users have indicated that the 200's maps are about 18 months out of date, and Pharos says there won't be an update until late 2009 or early 2010. On the plus side, it does appear registered users will be able to get it for free.

What's more, this is a new unit, not a refurb, and you don't have to wait around on a rebate. Pretty smokin' deal on a wide-screen GPS, IMHO.