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Get a waterproof Bluetooth headset for $29.98

The Maze Exclusive comes in your choice of colors, and this is the only place to get them at this price.

Waterproof and Bluetooth, together at last. GearXS

Different occasions require different gear. Riding the train to work? Noise-isolating earbuds. Lounging around the house? Comfy over-the-ear cans. Frolicking by the pool or out for your daily jog? Today's deal.

For a limited time, GearXS has the Maze Exclusive waterproof Bluetooth headset for $29.98 shipped. That's after applying coupon code GXS-33 at checkout.

Available in green, white, orange, and black, the Maze is a behind-the-neck headset that's waterproof to 10 feet. I'm not sure I see much appeal in listening to music at that depth (nor am I sure Bluetooth works underwater -- kinda doubt it), but I think the idea here is that if you happen to drop the headset into the pool or some other body of water, you won't ruin it.

At the same time, it can easily handle the sweat pouring off your head while you exercise. And the design is such that it doesn't totally block outside noise, so runners can still hear oncoming traffic and whatnot.

GearXS was kind enough to send me a pair of these to check out, and I'll start by saying they sound good, not great. That's because they don't seal inside your ear canals the way noise-isolating earbuds do. But for their intended purpose -- exercise, outdoor activities, and so on -- they easily meet my definition of "good enough." They're also comfy and barely noticeable once you've got them on.

A single button controls power on/off, music play/pause, call answer/end, and Bluetooth pairing. I had an easy time connecting them with an iPhone, though once I ventured outside, the headset suffered from the same problem as every other "sport" headset I've tried: audio dropout if the phone is more than a foot or two away (e.g., at waist/pocket level). In other words, you'll need an armband if you plan to use these outdoors.

Maze Exclusive promises up to six hours of listening time between charges, so you should be able to enjoy nearly a full day at the beach or pool. These may not be high-end headphones, but neither are they high-priced. At less than $30 out the door, this sport headset is a darn good buy.

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