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Get a Vizio VSB200 sound bar for $29.99

It's a refurb, but it's also an all-time low price. Just one catch: there's a mail-in rebate involved.

If you don't mind waiting on a rebate, you can score this sound bar for just $30.
If you don't mind waiting on a rebate, you can score this sound bar for just $30. Vizio

This is an update of a deal I've posted before.

Most HDTV speakers sound pretty crummy. In their defense, there's just not a lot of room for cones and whatnot inside those skinny LCD and plasma panels. But it's disappointing! Here you spend all this money for a beautiful screen, and your ears pay the price.

One affordable way to improve the audio situation: a sound bar, which is a speaker/receiver combo that sits above or below the screen and does the work of two or more standalone speakers.

While supplies last, TigerDirect has the refurbished Vizio VSB200 HD Sound Bar for $29.99, plus $9.16 for shipping. That's after redeeming a $30 mail-in rebate (PDF).

Update: TigerDirect has suddenly and inexplicably bumped the after-rebate price to $39.99. Not sure if the previous price was a mistake or simply a very limited-time offer. Either way: annoying!

Update No. 2: Reader Ron was told in an online chat with TigerDirect customer service that if he called in, the company would honor the $29.99 price. He did and they did. Your mileage may vary, but it's certainly worth a try: 800-800-8300.

Without it, that's a really good price on a really popular product. With it, it's the best deal I've seen by far. Consequently, I suspect this will sell out quickly -- but hopefully not before you've had a chance to grab one.

The VSB200 consists of four midrange speakers and two tweeters, which kick out a maximum of 60 watts' worth of audio. And thanks to built-in SRS TruSurround technology, you can opt for a virtual surround-sound experience.

Obviously this isn't intended to rival a full-on surround system, but you can bet it's a vast improvement over your TV's built-in speakers. That's my takeaway from reading a ton of user reviews, which average out to around 4.1 stars out of 5 on TigerDirect.

That said, I don't have any hands-on (ears-on?) experience with the VSB200, so my stamp of approval is based solely on the price.

But what a price! Thirty bucks for a vast improvement in your TV's audio quality -- well worth the investment, in my humble opinion.

Bonus deal: I suspect this won't last the morning, or even the end of this sentence, but Newegg has the Patriot Axle 32GB USB flash drive for $8.99 shipped. That's after redeeming a $10 mail-in rebate. This ultratiny drive has a hinged cap and two-year warranty. Even without the rebate, it's a pretty smoking deal on a 32GB drive.

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