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Get a Vizio sound bar and wireless subwoofer for $109.77

Ready to amp up your TV's audio? This speaker system will make a huge difference, thanks in no small part to its bass-pumping subwoofer.


I've written many times about the merits of augmenting your TV's crummy built-in speakers with an external sound system. Even if you add lower-end speakers, the difference is night and day.

I've also written many times about Vizio's sound bar, which has sold for as low as $50 (refurbished). It's pretty good on its own, but if you really want to kick your TV sound system up a notch, you need a subwoofer.

Today only, and while supplies last, JustDeals has the refurbished Vizio VHT210 sound bar and wireless subwoofer for $109.77 shipped. That's after applying coupon code dealnews1 at checkout, and it's the lowest price I've seen for this sweet twosome.

I hope you caught the key word in that product description: wireless. Most sound bars that have subwoofers have wired subwoofers, meaning there's one more cable cluttering up your living room. Plus, you have to place the subwoofer within reach of the cord.

Because the Vizio's 'woofer is wireless, you can tuck it just about anywhere, so long as it has a clear line of sight to the sound bar. What's more, the sound bar itself has a stand you can use for tabletop placement or wall mounting.

Trust me when I say that as good as the sound bar is on its own, your entertainment audio will take on a whole new dimension (namely bass) with the addition of the subwoofer. It's a somewhat pricey addition, granted, but well worth it. Read CNET's review of the VHT210 to learn more.

This being a refurb, it has a 90-day warranty. I should point out that some users have complained of these units arriving DOA, or conking out within a week, but it sounds like if and when you get a good one, you're golden. (That warranty should be long enough to cover you in the event of a glitchy unit.)

Happy listening!

Bonus deal: Flash drive prices continue their free fall: TigerDirect has the Centon DataStick Pro 64GB flash drive for $24.99 shipped. Although it has only a one-year warranty, I suspect it'll sell out very quickly at this crazy-low price.

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Vizio VHT210