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Get a sweetheart deal on Tile trackers for Valentine's Day

If your special someone can't seem to keep track of their keys, remote control or purse, grab a four-pack of Tiles and save up to $20.

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Tile key finder

If you always seem to be misplacing your stuff -- be it keys, a purse or the remote control -- then a Bluetooth tracker might be just the ticket to help you get your life organized. More to the point, if your special someone is always losing his or her stuff as well, then Tile suggests you might consider a tracking device to be a romantic gift. If all that checks out, then you should take advantage of Tile's Valentine's Day sale, which includes discounts on both the Sticker and Mate trackers.

Tile is offering the Mate four-pack for $50, which saves you $20 off the regular price. The Mate has a range of about 200 feet and is powered by a replaceable battery that lasts for about a year. The white tracker is shaped like a fat card (it's about 6mm thick) and can be clipped to whatever you want to track. Given its size and shape, it probably works best for tracking larger items.

If you have smaller items to keep tabs on, the Sticker is probably more your style. Tiny, with an adhesive back, it has a three-year nonreplaceable battery and an effective range of about 150 feet. While the Mate is water-resistant, the Sticker is fullly waterproof. That's handy, because I've dropped my keys in a sink full of water more times than you'd expect. Right now, the Sticker four-pack is $50, which is $10 off the usual price.

In addition to Bluetooth tracking -- which is limited to just 150 or 200 feet from your phone -- Tile users become a part of an invisible search web called Community Find. If you've lost your car keys and have wandered out of Bluetooth range, as soon as another Tile user crosses paths with your keys, you'll get a notification on your phone, showing you exactly where they're located.

Have you used Tile trackers? What has your experience been like? I'd love to know if the Community Find feature has ever worked out for you. 

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