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Get a Sony HD action cam with remote for $199.99

That's a huge savings on this popular POV camera, which features GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC.

Record all your action with Sony's HDR-AS30VR POV camera kit. Sony

Everything must be recorded! That's the best explanation I can think of for the rampant popularity of GoPro and similar "POV" cameras, which allow for hands-free operation as you bike the trails, hit the slopes, shoot the rapids, and so on.

Of course, while GoPro is the best-known brand in this category, there are others -- some of which offer more for less. Today, for example, and while supplies last, Willoughby's (via Amazon) has the Sony HDR-AS30VR Action Cam with Live View Remote for $199.99 shipped. This same kit normally costs at least $250 elsewhere.

The bundle includes not only the camera (capable of 1080/60p HD recording), but also a waterproof housing, a universal tripod mount and an adhesive mount. (Actually, the photo shows two adhesive mounts, but the description mentions only one, so I'm not sure what's happening there.)

So the Sony can not only ride atop, say, your bike helmet, it can also accompany you on your next snorkeling or even scuba adventure. (When housed, it's waterproof to nearly 200 feet.)

Remotes make everything better. Sony

The big perk here is the inclusion of the Live View Remote, which gives you a hands-free view of what the camera is seeing and a start/stop recording button. (Why is it such a big perk? Aside from being super-cool, the remote normally sells for $150 all by itself.) Interestingly, you can also control the camera via your smartphone, a nice option when strapping the remote to you wrist is inconvenient or undesirable.

I've never so much as touched a POV camera, so I can't offer any personal insight into this one. The two user reviews at Amazon are quite positive, but CNET hasn't reviewed this model (only the older HDR-AS15 ). Needless to say, if you already own one of these, hit the comments and share your own review.

But for anyone interested in getting in on the POV-camera craze and not wanting to drop $300-400 on a GoPro, this is definitely a more affordable alternative.

Bonus deal: Feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? Maybe that's because you're spending too many of them on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and, of course, CNET. (Wait, what? You can't spend too many hours on CNET! #jobsecurity)

What you need is a way to track how you're spending your time, and perhaps even block distracting websites. For a limited time, AppSumo is offering one year of RescueTime Premium for $25. Regular price: $72. It's a hugely popular tool and a great way to boost your productivity.

Bonus deal No. 2: If you're shooting a lot of HD video on a dSLR or similar high-end camera, you've probably discovered you need fast memory cards that can keep up. (That's certainly true of models like the Canon Rebel T3i.) For a limited time, Amazon has a Transcend 32GB Class 10 SDHC card for $12.99 shipped (with Prime, otherwise pad your cart to at least $35). The card supports the UHS-I standard and has glowing reviews from nearly 10,000(!) buyers.