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Get a Slingbox Solo for $99.99

This popular gizmo rarely dips below $130, so if you want to watch live or recorded TV on the go, grab it before it's gone.

The Slingbox Solo.
The Slingbox Solo. Best Buy

As a self-employed guy who rarely leaves his basement, let alone his house, I've never had much need for a Slingbox. But, ho, boy, do some people love them. I've heard them discussed with the same kind of gushing admiration usually reserved for TiVos and Kindles.

Curiously, although they've been around for years, prices haven't dropped much. Indeed, Slingbox deals are pretty rare, which is why today's is something of a sellout risk.

Today only, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Sling Media Slingbox Solo for $99.99 shipped, plus sales tax in most states. It lists for $179.99, and the best price I've found elsewhere is around $140.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Slingbox "slings" live and recorded TV from your home to wherever. It installs between, say, your cable box/DVR and your TV and connects to your home network. Then you access that setup via your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

This is great for things like watching local sports and keeping up with "Mad Men" when you're on the road. And the Slingbox is a subscription-free device; once you pay for it, it's paid for.

Just one point of contention: the SlingPlayer apps for Android, Kindle Fire, iOS, and other mobile devices cost $30. That is so beyond ridiculous, I almost didn't post this deal. Sling Media reminds me of Sonos, stubbornly clinging to way-high prices for years and years. Guess you can get away with that when you make a product people really love (cough, Apple, cough).

If you have experience with the Slingbox Solo, let me and your fellow cheeps know if you think it's worth the money. The people I know who have them say yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Bonus deal: Remember the Mohu Leaf antenna I wrote about last month? It works minor miracles pulling down over-the-air TV signals. Now it's on sale for even less than before: you can get the Mohu Leaf antenna for $24.99 shipped when you apply coupon code MOHULEAF30 at checkout. If you grabbed one last time, how did it work out?

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! If you never played Company of Heroes, you missed out on one of the all-time great action/strategy games. It may be 6 years old, but it's still great -- and through the weekend, Steam has Company of Heroes (Win) for just $1.99. That's two bucks very well spent, IMHO.

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