Get a SanDisk 16GB flash drive for $7.99

The drive features a retractable USB plug, and it's yours for eight bucks out the door. Well, eight bucks and sales tax. Plus: bonus-bonus deals!

Best Buy

Let's see if we can get through one day -- heck, one morning -- without the product selling out, shall we?

While supplies last, Best Buy has the SanDisk Cruzer 16GB USB flash drive for $7.99 shipped, plus sales tax in most states.

Update: This appears to have sold out online, and is now available in-store only. So much for lasting the morning.

Whoops, sorry, sold out. Nah, I'm kidding -- as of this writing, it's still in stock. But just in case, I've queued up three bonus deals for you below. Because that's how much I care.

Admittedly, 16GB flash drives have been selling for around $10 for a couple months, so eight bucks might not seem like that big a deal. Still, it's a 20 percent savings -- and the Cruzer has one of my favorite flash-drive features: a retractable USB connector. (I hate the kind with caps, which invariably fall off and get lost.)

The downside is that it's not keychain-friendly, so if you're looking for a drive that can ride shotgun with your keys, keep looking.

SanDisk backs the Cruzer with a two-year warranty. Whether you're a student looking for extra storage for school or you're hoping to eke out a performance boost courtesy of ReadyBoost, here's your chance to score a big drive for small change.

Bonus deal: Still rocking a desktop? Today only, and while supplies last, JustDeals has the PNY Optima 8GB memory kit for $9.99, plus $5 for shipping. The kit includes two 4GB 1,333MHz DDR3 DIMMs. If you're replacing, say, a pair of 2GB modules, you could probably sell them on Ebay and recoup your entire cost. Just a thought.

Bonus deal No. 2: Today only, and while supplies last, 1SaleADay has the refurbished Roku 2 XS for $59.99, plus $5 for shipping. That's the top-end Roku box, the one with the motion-sensing remote and support for games like Angry Birds. It sells new for $99.99. I know some folks have had troubles with 1SaleADay; I ordered something from them last week and received it in about five days, in perfect condition. Just my $0.02.

Bonus deal No. 3: Another day, another indie-game bundle. Namely, Indie Gala 8, a collection of four games you can get for whatever price you want to pay (over $1, that is). And if you pay more than the average (currently $7.18), you get five additional games. Plus, some of the proceeds go to charity. Win-win!

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