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Get a Samsung Gear Fit 2 for $59.95

I don't know how long these will last, but they're too good to pass up. It's my single favorite fitness band to date. Plus: a game bundle for action lovers.

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Fit 2, the sequel

A couple months ago, I spotted a Samsung Gear Fit 2 in the wild. I'd never seen one before, but immediately knew I had to have one on my wrist.

So I got one, tried it out for a while -- and went back to my Apple Watch. Why? Because the latter is a better match for my iPhone, at least in terms of notifications (the feature I prize most). But I yearn for the Gear Fit 2, because it's awesome.

Sarah Tew/CNET

And, today, at least, a steal: For a limited time, and while supplies last (not long, I suspect), A4C has the refurbished Samsung Gear Fit 2 for $59.95 shipped -- the lowest price I've seen. It's available in black or blue.

The Gear Fit 2 has a gorgeous display, a great UI and lots of built-in goodies (GPS, heart-rate sensor, Spotify and more).

You also get to choose from a huge assortment of faces, something you can now do right on the device (as opposed to having to use the app). That's thanks to a recent firmware update -- nice to see Samsung is still actively supporting the product.

As I noted, this works better with Android phones than it does with iPhones -- if only because you can respond to text messages on the former. You can receive messages from your iPhone, you just can't respond via the Fit 2.

Want to know more? Read CNET's review of the Gear Fit 2. It does ding the product in a few areas, including battery life -- something to consider if you plan to use it for sleep-tracking or travel a lot. However, the "no iPhone support" demerit is no longer accurate.

Also, the warranty comes from A4C, not Samsung, but you do get 90 days of coverage. For $60 out the door, this is truly a killer deal. Your thoughts on the Fit 2?

Bonus deal: Game time! Assuming you have any free time left after Humble's recent Telltale bundle (which, incidentally, just added five bonus games), check out yet another solid collection: the Saints Row Bundle. For $15 you get a dozen items (mostly games, a bit of DLC), with more to come. True to its name, the bundle includes pretty much every Saints Row title, with all the open-world action therein. If you like looting, shooting and blowing stuff up, this is definitely worth a look.