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Get a refurbished Nook e-reader for $89.99 shipped

The much-loved Nook costs $149 new; here's your chance to get one for a lot less, but with the same 1-year warranty.

The Barnes and Noble Nook offers one thing the Kindle doesn't: support for public-library e-books.
The Barnes and Noble Nook offers one thing the Kindle doesn't: support for public-library e-books. Barnes and Noble

This is an update of a post from last month. Sorry for the back-to-back (should that be book-to-book?) e-reader deals, but I couldn't pass this up.

Many would argue that the Barnes & Noble Nook is a better e-book reader than the Amazon Kindle.

It's definitely cheaper: has the refurbished Nook (Wi-Fi) for $89.99 shipped. (Click "See All Buying Options," which takes you to the Barnes & Noble page where you can add it to your cart.) At that price, I expect it will sell out quickly.

What's the big deal about the Nook, especially compared with the legendary Kindle? Apart from the obvious--it has a color touch-screen pad that sits below the main e-ink screen--the Nook supports the popular EPUB format, meaning you can check out free e-books from public libraries (among other sources).

As I noted the other day, that support is arguably the most important consideration of all when shopping for e-book readers.

Beyond that, I'll let you read CNET's review of the Nook for a more complete rundown. But here's the takeaway: It's a reasonable deal at $149 and an even better one at $90!

Although this is a refurbished model, it comes with a one-year Barnes & Noble warranty--just like new Nooks. And it's provided in retail packaging, so it should be fairly indistinguishable from new. (That was true of the refurb Nook I bought for my brother-in-law a couple months go.)

What do you think? Have you been waiting for the Nook to dip below $100 again, or are you holding out for a price drop on the Nook Color? (Me, I'm in the latter camp, as I really want to root that sucker and use it as a cheap Android tablet.)

Bonus deal: Today only, Amazon is offering a 1-year subscription to Popular Science for just $5. (Nepotism alert: I'm an occasional contributor.) Do note that it's an auto-renewing subscription, though you can always cancel if you decide not to continue.