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Get a refurbished Nook e-reader for $79.99

Don't let the "refurb" tag scare you--this deal includes a full one-year warranty. It's the best price I've ever seen on Barnes & Noble's top-rated e-reader.

Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble Nook is widely regarded as one of the better e-book readers out there--better than the Kindle, many would say.

Today only, 1 Sale A Day has the refurbished Nook (Wi-Fi) for $79.99, plus $4.99 for shipping. That's the lowest price I've seen on this awesome e-reader, meaning it could sell out very quickly.

What's so special about the Nook? Apart from the obvious--its color touch-screen pad that sits below the main e-ink screen--the Nook supports the popular EPUB format, meaning you can check out free e-books from public libraries (among other sources).

Beyond that, I'll let you read CNET's review of the Nook for a more complete rundown. But here's the takeaway: It's a reasonable deal at $150 and an even better one at less than $80!

Although this is a refurbished model, it comes with a one-year warranty. And it's provided in retail packaging, so it should be fairly indistinguishable from new. (That was true of the refurb Nook I bought for my brother-in-law a couple months go.)

I should note that I haven't purchased anything from 1 Sale A Day myself, and the last time I posted a deal from them, at least one reader wrote in to complain about the quality of merchandise received. So you might want to do a little homework before ordering (for example, check the return policy, search the Web for any red flags). Actually, you should do that when you order anything from any company!

Personally, if I didn't already own a Kindle (and various e-book apps for my iPhone), I'd be on this like white on rice. How about you?

Thanks to reader Donald for sharing this deal!