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Get a refurbished first-generation unlocked Google Pixel XL for $160

Two years ago, this was "pure Android at its absolute best." Price then: $769.

Josh Miller

The original Google Pixel XL debuted just about two years ago, earning mostly raves but firmly establishing itself in the premium-phone category: Its retail price then was $769.

Smash-cut to today: For a limited time and while supplies last, Amazon has the refurbished unlocked Google Pixel XL (32GB) for $159.99. Aren't you glad you waited?

That model features a 5.5-inch screen -- hardly "XL" by today's standards, but still reasonably big. If you prefer something smaller,  Amazon also has the refurbished unlocked Google Pixel (32GB) for $159.95. That model: 5-inch screen.

Take note that these deals are for the phone only: You get a USB-C cable, but no other accessories. As for the warranty, Google covers you for 90 days (according to the accompanying warranty PDF), but Amazon proper offers a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Also, these are GSM models, so they'll work with AT&T, T-Mobile and the smaller carriers that use their networks (such as Cricket and Mint Mobile). They won't work with Sprint, Verizon or any of their licensee carriers.

I have no Pixel experience of my own to share, so I'll turn you over to Lynn La's highly enthusiastic Google Pixel XL and Pixel reviews.

Bottom line: If you're looking to upgrade an older phone or add a spare to your stable, something like this might be an excellent choice. $160!

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