Get a Powerlink travel router for $19.99

This handy gizmo not only turns any Ethernet-connected hotel room into a Wi-Fi hotspot, but also works as a client, access point, and more.

Premiertek's tiny router performs a number of functions, including client and access point.
Premiertek's tiny router performs a number of functions, including client and access point. Premiertek

Do you travel a lot? If so, you've probably encountered hotels that have weak or non-existent Wi-Fi, or that charge extra for it while offering Ethernet-based connectivity for free.

A good travel router can save the day, turning that laptop-only Ethernet connection into a Wi-Fi hot spot for all. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Mwave has the Powerlink PT-AP2403 mini travel router for $19.99 shipped. It sells elsewhere for as much as $35.

Update:Aaaand...sold out. Sigh. But it's worth checking back later in the day in case Mwave releases more inventory. Trying to find a similarly priced alternative, but most other travel routers start at $30 -- which is probably why this one sold out so quickly.

Update No. 2:Back in stock as of 1 p.m. ET! Though now there's a 99-cent shipping charge. Even so, the moral of the story is that when something appears to be out of stock, it may be so only temporarily. Also, eagle-eyed reader Matt spotted the router on eBay, where it's going for $22.40 shipped.

The PT-AP2403 is actually more than just an 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi router. It can also function as a client, a wireless access point, a bridge, a relay, and a Wi-Fi booster. If you use powerline Ethernet in your house, it can add wireless capabilities to the remote end of the connection.

I won't bore you with technical explanations of things like client, bridge, and relay, mostly because I don't know what they are. (Well, I know the normal definitions, just not the network-specific versions.) I will tell you that this is one seriously versatile little gizmo, and not just for travel.

The unit measures 3.25 inches by 1.25 inches by 0.6 inch and comes with a retractable Ethernet cable, a USB cable, and an AC adapter. A switch on the side makes it easy to hop between router, client, and AP modes.

I haven't seen many reviews of the PT-AP2403, save for the single five-star one on Mwave's site. If you happen to own one of these already, hit the comments and share the good, the bad, and the anything else worth sharing.

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