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Get a Palm Centro smartphone free with two-year Sprint plan

Normally the Centro runs $99.99 after mail-in rebates, but Wirefly has it free, out the door, no rebates required. Free shipping, too.


I'm all tingly: Cell phone store Wirefly is offering the Palm Centro smartphone for free with a two-year Sprint service plan. Normally, the Centro runs $99.99 after a mail-in rebate; this deal requires no rebate and even includes free shipping. Hence the tingling.

I won't go into major detail about the Centro, as I've already written a fairly exhaustive review. What I'll add is that after several months of ownership, I'm very happy with it. It does flake out at times, to the point where I have to yank the battery to reset the phone, but mostly it works like a champ. I have zero trouble using the keyboard, cramped though it may be, and I love being able to run all the Palm software I've enjoyed over the years. (Anyone for Text Twist?)

The Wirefly deal is for the black model only (rats), and of course it requires a two-year service agreement with Sprint. You can choose from any number of plans, starting at $29.99 monthly. Seriously, this is a fantastic deal, folks. If you've never owned a smartphone before, here's your chance to get a great one without spending a penny on the hardware.

Update: Looks like Amazon has this deal, too, and it's even better: You can get the black or red Centro from Sprint or the white model from AT&T.