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Get a pair of sport wireless earbuds for $14.49

From the Cheapskate: These buds are for you, especially if you're a regular gym-goer. Plus two ebook bonus deals!

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Cool development in the Cheapskate clan: All four of us are hitting the gym regularly. It started with my son, who suddenly decided he needed to bulk up. (Why, yes, he is a teenage boy. Go figure.) But our nearby Planet Fitness -- a cheapskate's dream at just $10/month -- requires a parent to be present for anyone under 16. So I joined as well.

I'd honestly thought my gym days were over. But I have to say, I'm enjoying the sore muscles after a hard workout, and enjoying even more this time with my son. Better still, my wife and daughter decided to join us.


Bluetooth 4.1 -- check. Sport design -- check. Inline controls -- check. Under $15? Woot!


All this backstory is because there's one thing I quickly learned about going to the gym: Wired earphones won't do. The essential alternative are Bluetooth neckphones, the kind that dangle around your neck when you need to pop the earbuds out. That's what all the cool gym kids wear.

But before you spend big bucks on a pricey branded pair, try these. Mpow once again has the Wolverine Bluetooth sport earbuds for $14.49 -- shipped free with Prime -- when you apply coupon code KFEUWI7K at checkout. (The code works with the gold model. I'm not sure about black or silver.)

Quick note: Make sure Patazon is the listed seller for this deal. If you see a different seller -- which likely means Patazon has run out of stock -- the coupon code won't work.

The Wolverine features a sweatproof sport design, an inline volume control with microphone (so you can talk hands-free) and various loops and ear tips to help you get the best fit.

I tested these a while back and thought the earbuds sounded great -- for the price, anyway. I especially liked the option of pairing them with two different devices, because we don't always hit the gym at the same time. Thus, Mrs. Cheapskate can take these when I'm not using them, and vice-versa. (It's also a good option if you own, say, a personal phone and a work phone.)

One thing I should mention is that if you're not accustomed to in-ear headphones -- which these are -- you might find them awkward at first. To get really good sound (and noise isolation), you need to push them in far enough that they create a seal. The only time I don't like that is when I'm running, because the impact becomes too loud in my ears.

Anyway, for under $15 out the door, this is an amazing deal. I like Mpow's stuff, as you may have gathered since Tuesday's deal was also an Mpow product. And I love the 18-month warranty that backs it. If you get a bum unit (which, let's face it, can happen at this price), you get a replacement.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: I never gave much thought to Web hosting -- until I needed to host a Web site. Then I realized I didn't know beans about squat. If you're in a similar predicament, head to TradePub, where you can score Wiley's "Web Hosting for Dummies" ebook for free when you provide some personal (that is, business) information. The print version would normally run you about $20 and the Kindle edition goes for $13.

Bonus deal 2: If you like murder and mystery novels, here's you chance to stock up for cheap. The latest Humble Book Bundle lets you name your own price ($1 or more) for five Open Road Media titles. Beat the average (currently $11.02) for seven more (including some early Michael Crichton pulp fiction) or pay at least $15 for a total of 16 books. They're available in multiple formats, so you can read them on just about any device.