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Get a pair of Noontec Zoro HD headphones for $56.99

That's close to half off the original price. And although they look like the Beats Solo, they actually sound better.

The stylish Noontec Zoro HDs come in five colors, three of the best shown here. Tanga

Here's what I think: When you're traveling, be it on a plane or train, you want a good pair of noise-isolating earbuds, the kind that snug inside your ear canals. But when you're knocking around the house, lounging in your favorite chair while enjoying a good book, you'll be happier with a good pair of on-ear headphones.

Like this one: Today only, Tanga has the Noontec Zoro HD headphones for $56.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code cheapskate at checkout, and it's the lowest price you'll find anywhere. (They range from $70-100 at other stores.) The code expires at midnight.

Available in your choice of five colors (even though only three are pictured on Tanga's site), the Zoro HDs have a shiny plastic design reminiscent of the popular Beats Solo.

Speaking of which, CNET reviewer Steve Guttenberg noted that the Zoro HDs "mimic Beats Solo styling, but...sound better, delivering clean, well-balanced sound that will appeal to audiophiles." I'm no audiophile myself, so I definitely recommend reading his review if you want full insight into these 'phones.

I will note that they're able to fold for easier stowing and transport (by way of an included drawstring case), they employ cotton padding for the ear cups, and they rely on a detachable, tangle-resistant flat cable that has an inline microphone and play/pause button. (Alas, no volume controls.)

Bottom line: If you've been itching for the style and/or sound of a pair of Beats headphones but couldn't stomach the price, here's your chance to enjoy a great-sounding equivalent on the cheap.

By the way, that same coupon code is good for a variety of other headphones currently on sale at Tanga, including the Noontec Zoro Wireless ($84.99 with coupon), Noontec Rio earphones ($33.99 with coupon), and higher-end Noontec Hammo headphones ($94.99 with coupon).

Bonus deal: A small mobile charger is fine if you need juice for only a small phone, but if you're carrying bigger gear (a phablet, a tablet, etc.), you'll definitely want more power. Try this: Store4PC (via Amazon) has the Sabrent 12,000mAh mobile charger for $25 when you apply coupon code WOOTW120 at checkout. Although a few reviewers complained of reliability issues, it does come with a 1-year warranty.