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Get a pair of Logitech UE 6000 noise-canceling headphones for $59.99

They're refurbished, but also backed by a one-year warranty. You'd pay at least $100 for them elsewhere.


Yesterday: earbuds.

Today: cans.

Although yesterday's $9.99 earbuds were a popular item, I know many people who prefer the feel of traditional over-the-ear headphones, especially the kind with active noise-cancellation circuitry. Good news if you're such a person: For a limited time, DealFisher has the refurbished Logitech UE 6000 noise-canceling headphones for $59.99 shipped.

The last time I wrote about these, they were $99.99 -- and that's what they typically sell for elsewhere these days.

As before, these are factory-refurbished headphones. However, DealFisher assures they're in "new/excellent" condition, and it's going so far as to offer a full 1-year warranty.

In other words, although Logitech typically would give you only 90 days, the reseller is willing to back the product for 365. (If you happened to grab a pair last time, hit the comments and tell your fellow cheeps what condition they were in -- and how they've held up.)

Even without that guarantee, this is a sweet deal. The UE 6000 has the look and feel of high-end over-the-ear headphones, with a folding design for easier transport and an in-line microphone so you can make and take calls.

Also in-line: a remote with volume and play/pause buttons, which is the best headphone/earphone feature ever. (Note that Android users may not be able to take advantage of these controls.)

The UE 6000 runs on a pair of AAA batteries, used here to generate noise-cancellation signals -- a great perk for folks who routinely ride planes and trains. You also get a carrying case and a splitter so you can share your tunes with a friend.

CNET hasn't reviewed these, but over at Logitech you'll find about 16 overwhelmingly positive user reviews. Amazon customers: nearly as effusive.

By the way, this isn't Audio Week here at The Cheapskate; it's just a happy twist of fate that two sweet headphone deals revealed themselves back-to-back.

Bonus deal: Speaking of audio, are you in the market for a sound bar? Zvox makes some top-quality stuff, though most of its products are designed to sit under your TV. Not so the Zvox 430HSD, which offers a more traditional sound-bar form factor and can be mounted on a wall. It's currently on sale for $299.99, but you can get the 430HSD for $199.99 when you apply coupon code Cheapskate430 at checkout.