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Get a Nyrius Songo Bluetooth receiver for $29.96

Normally $49.95, this high-end adapter lets you stream music from your phone or tablet to just about any stereo, boom box, or speaker dock.


Some would say I'm easily impressed, because I still get a thrill every time I stream music from my smartphone or tablet to a Bluetooth speaker.

I mean, sure, an FM radio also produces music straight out of thin air, but somehow this is way cooler.

Of course, there are lots of great home stereos, boom boxes, speaker docks, and the like that lack Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you're stuck with (horrors!) wires if you want to play music from your mobile device.

Enter the Bluetooth adapter. Like this one: through Friday, ShopTronics (via Amazon) has the Nyrius Song BR50 Bluetooth receiver for $29.96. Shipping is free if you pad your cart to at least $35. (Curse you and your terrible timing, Amazon!)

Update: The BR51, which is essentially the same device but also includes NFC, is on sale as well for $39.96.

Update No. 2: It appears the $29.96 promotional price on the BR50 has ended. It's now listed at its regular price. Sorry if you missed out! Hopefully the seller will offer this deal again down the road.

This is not one of those cheapie receivers you typically see for $15-$20. Rather, it incorporates aptX audio technology and Bluetooth 3.0 to "deliver the fullest frequency range of your favorite tunes without any interference, unlike other Bluetooth devices that overcompress audio and can lose connection with your device."

Granted, audio quality can be a subjective thing, but here's what I especially like about the Songo: it supports both analog and digital connections to your stereo, speaker, or whatever. The package includes one 3.5mm stereo cable and an RCA adapter. And the little box itself has a port for connecting a digital optical (Toslink) cable, which is great if your home-theater receiver has a Toslink port.

In fact, here's how you can hit that $35 free-shipping mark and kill two birds with one stone: the AmazonBasics 6-foot Toslink cable for $5.49.

Another welcome perk: it can remember up to eight different devices, great for multiphone/multitablet households. Most of the cheaper Bluetooth adapters (and a lot of Bluetooth speakers!) limit you to just one.

CNET hasn't reviewed the Songo BR50, but most of the Amazon user reviews are positive. Also, I was able to test-drive one (with a Fluance speaker dock), and it worked like a charm. I'm not sure I'd pay the $50 list price for one of these, but $30 to equip nearly any home stereo/speaker with Bluetooth strikes me as a great deal. Your thoughts?

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