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Get a Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch for $149

They're both refurbs, but they both come with a one-year warranty. This amazing bundle won't last long.

Get this awesome pair of Nooks for $149 out the door.
Get this awesome pair of Nooks for $149 out the door. Barnes & Noble

Holy unexpected bundles, Batman!

While supplies last, Barnes & Noble is offering a refurbished Nook Color e-reader and Nook Simple Touch e-reader for $149 shipped.

The deal is available only through eBay. To get it, click the above link, scroll down a bit until you see the Special Offer section, click the check box next to the Simple Touch (which is shown at $79 but will drop to just $20 in your cart), and then click the Buy These Items button on the right.

This is a fairly unprecedented bundle. The Nook Color alone is a steal at $129, especially if you root it to run Android or pop in one of the many available Android-on-a-card microSD products.

And the Nook Simple Touch for $20? They sell new for $99, and the best deal I've ever seen on a refurb is $69.99. No-brainer. You could get some serious Mother's Day/Father's Day/graduation shopping done here.

Like all Barnes & Noble e-reader refurbs, these are covered by a full one-year warranty. I've purchased a few, and they've all been indistinguishable from new.

The eBay page notes a "limited quantity available," so I'm going to end this here and tell you to get clicking on one of the better deals I've seen all year.

Bonus deal: On the off chance you haven't grabbed one of the 37 DVD rippers I've mentioned in recent months, Giveaway of the Day has Aiseesoft DVD Ripper 6.2 for free. It normally sells for $35.