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Get a new PlayStation 3 Slim for $199.99

Yes, there's a rebate involved, and you have to sign up for Sony's Visa card to get it. But that's a pretty small hoop to jump in exchange for one of the best PS3 deals ever.

What's better than a brand-spankin'-new Sony PlayStation 3 Slim for $299.99? A brand-spankin'-new Sony PlayStation 3 Slim for $199.99, of course.

I suspect I'll get an earful for this, but the deal comes courtesy of our old friend, the Sony Visa card. When you make a purchase of $299 or more, you get a $100 credit in 8 to 12 weeks. Final price: $199.99.

All you do is sign up for the card, then head over to SonyStyle and drop a sweet, sweet 120GB PlayStation 3 in your cart. (I know it doesn't say "Slim" anywhere, but this is definitely the new model.) Watch CNET's video review if you want to learn more about it.

When your Visa card arrives, stick it in a drawer until the $100 credit appears on your statement. Then spend the money like you would cash. Then cut the card into pieces and burn the pieces.

Not interested in this kind of hoop-jumping just to save $100? That's cool. But think about it: This isn't much different than filling out a rebate form and waiting on a check in the mail. In fact, it's quite a bit easier overall, and you're much less likely to get burned.

Still not convinced? Then try this: Sony just lowered the price on refurbished consoles! Now you can pick up a 40GB PlayStation 3 for just $219.99 shipped. If you can live with a 90-day warranty, that's one of the best PS3 deals to date.

Of course, a new PS3 for $199.99 is even better. What do you think? Did you already pull the trigger on last week's deal (long since expired), or did your Cheapskate senses tell you something better was just around the corner?