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Get a MoGo Talk XD Bluetooth headset case for $29.99 shipped

A great gift item for yourself or someone you know, the MoGo Talk XD is an iPhone (3G/3GS) case with a stowaway Bluetooth headset. Kind of like James Bond would use!

Never lose or forget your Bluetooth headset again! The MoGo Talk XD case gives it a piggyback ride on your iPhone.
Never lose or forget your Bluetooth headset again! The MoGo Talk XD case gives it a piggyback ride on your iPhone.

You know how Bluetooth headsets are always getting lost or left behind? What you need is a way to piggyback one on your phone, so when you're done talking, you can just clip it right onto the sucker.

That's the MoGo Talk XD in a nutshell: it's a protective iPhone 3G/3GS case with a stowaway Bluetooth headset. It lists for $129.99, but has the MoGo Talk XD for $29.99 shipped.

First things first: there's an error on the product page. refers to this as a "protective charging case," but that's not quite accurate. The case itself carries no battery, and therefore charges nothing on its own. To recharge the headset, you have to connect an included micro-USB cable.

That wrinkle aside, the MoGo Talk XD is mighty cool. The case (aka the MoGo Air Jacket) has a felt-lined interior to keep your iPhone free of scratches, and it's made of hard polycarbonate to survive drops. The only downside, of course, is that it adds a bit of thickness to your iPhone--but only enough to accommodate the headset, which measures a mere 0.2 inch thick.

That headset promises 4 hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby. It features noise- and wind-reduction technology and can pair with up to five devices simultaneously. Thankfully, it also works with Apple's Voice Control.

CNET hasn't reviewed the MoGo Talk XD, so check out this writeup from Cult of Mac. They liked the convenience and "secret-agent-wow-factor," but not the price. Of course, they were referring to the $80 street price. At $29.99, I'd wager this cool case would earn at least one extra star.

Bonus deal: While we're on the subject of iPhones, how about a couple freebie apps? Normally $2.99, 3D tower-defense game TowerMadness is currently available for free. So is Sentinel: Mars Defense, a sci-fi-themed TD game that usually costs 99 cents.