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Get a massive sci-fi e-book bundle for $15

Or pay what you want for a smaller collection. Either way, charities win -- and so do you. Plus: three bonus deals!

Hugh Howey's "Wool" alone is worth the price of admission. Humble Bundle

If you're a tech nerd like me, you're probably also a sci-fi nerd (like me). And that means you spend at least some of your leisure time reading about life, the universe and everything -- especially when there's a nuclear apocalypse, dystopian society or zombie outbreak involved.

Good news, nerdy ones! You can score of ton of this kind of reading material on the cheap in the Humble Post-Apocalyptic Book Bundle. This multi-tiered DRM-free collection includes books, magazines, graphic novels and even a game.

Let's start at the top: pay at least $15 and you get everything, a combined value of $184. Pay at least $8.85 (the current average purchase price) and you get most things. Pay anything less (down to $1) and you still get eight things, including Hugh Howey's un-put-down-able "Wool" (which, all by itself, costs $5.99 on Amazon).

My advice: get everything.

Like other Humble Bundle bundles, this one gives you the option of donating proceeds to charities. So not only do you get a killer deal, you get to feel all warm and fuzzy at the same time.

While you're at it, hop over to StoryBundle, where you can score a 13-item sci-fi collection by paying at least $14. It also includes e-books, magazines and short-story collections, all of them DRM-free as well.

Think I know what I'll be doing this weekend. You?

Bonus deal: It's Tablet Thursday! The Microsoft Store is once again offering the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet for $79 shipped, a price that includes a $25 Windows Store gift card. That's an amazing deal for a full Windows 8.1 tablet, especially when it includes a year of Office 365 Personal (normally $70). Plus, because it's a Signature Edition, it's free of junkware and other third-party bloat. Is it wrong that I'm dying to grab one of these even though I don't really need it?

Sarah Tew

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! (For the iOS crowd, anyway.) Today only, and while supplies last, Meh has the SteelSeries Stratus wireless game controller for iOS for $30, plus $5 for shipping. Originally $80, and still selling for at least $60 most places, this gamepad connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPad and works with all MFi-compatible games (which currently number over 600). I wouldn't consider it at $80 or even $60, but $30? Hmmm...

Bonus deal No. 3: Game time! (For the Kindle crowd, anyway.) Amazon is once again offering a smorgasbord of free apps for Kindle Fires, including tower-defense classic Kingdom Rush Origins, dazzling puzzler World of Goo and popular newcomer Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The freebie collection also includes some productivity apps and utilities, plus a couple sweet picks for music-makers: Cross DJ Pro and G-Stomper Studio, which normally run $10 apiece.