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Get a magnetic smartphone windshield mount for $16.99 shipped

This handy mount also includes a big spring-clip if you'd rather not go the magnet route.


Did you find a new smartphone under the tree? Or an old one under the couch cushions? (Weird how they always seem to end up there.) Either way, you need a way to mount that phone in your car for GPS navigation goodness.

There are plenty of options, but most of them require you to fiddle with some kind of holster every time you want to install or remove your phone. And some may have trouble accommodating your case.

Solution: magnets! For a limited time, GearXS has the Aerb Universal Magnetic Windshield Mount for $16.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code CNET-51 at checkout. Regular price: $34.99

The mount is your basic suction-cup arm with a pivoting magnetic head. To make that magnet work with your phone, you'll need to apply a small metal plate. You can do this a couple ways. First, you can stick it directly to the back of your phone, which, frankly, blech. Or, you can stick it to the back of your case, which is slightly less blech.

Ah, but if you position it inside your case, you don't have to use the sticky pad at all; the pressure between phone and case will keep the plate secured. This may not work with all cases, but it's definitely the preferred method and worth a try.

Indeed, I tried it with my iPhone 4S and a basic Speck case, and it worked quite well. That said, if you're not interested in going the magnet route, you can replace the magnetic head with a big spring-loaded clip that should hold just about any smartphone (with or without case) securely.

I haven't found any reviews of the Aerb version of this product, but there's a similar one on Amazon (without the spring clamp, incidentally) that sells for $24.99 and has overwhelmingly positive ratings.

I think for $17 out the door, this is a killer deal for anyone seeking a simple, effective smartphone car mount. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: The Humble Bundle folks have put together a pretty solid gaming bundle for those who like their entertainment indie-style: four cross-platform games for whatever price you want to pay, or nine if you beat the average (currently $4.41). Every single title is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, and some even come with download versions of their soundtracks. Plus, you get to help charity in the process. Woot!

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