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Get a MagicJack for $29.99 (today only)

Get unlimited local and long-distance calling for one year when you buy the MagicJack. Each year after that costs just $20.


Remember MagicJack, the VoIP phone gizmo that plugs into a USB port and provides unlimited local and long-distance calling? Normally it runs $40 plus shipping (and/or sales tax), but 1 Sale a Day has it for $29.99 (plus $5.99 for ground shipping) -- but only through midnight today. Granted, the savings here aren't huge, but why not save a sawbuck if you can?

I should point out that many commenters have encountered problems with MagicJack's customer service (or lack thereof). The company lists no address or phone number on its site, and even its message board is down (though just temporarily, according to the site). Clearly they're experiencing major growing pains (understandable given the nature of the product), but that's no excuse for shoddy support. So I'm posting this deal with a "buyer beware" caveat.

That said, I think the MagicJack is best used as a second phone line anyway. At the very least you should test it out for a couple weeks before making it your primary line. Mine has never given me a lick of trouble; it continues to work like a charm.