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Get a lifetime CyberGhost VPN subscription for $68

That's pretty close to what you'd normally pay for a single year of this top-rated tool.


Cheeps! I'm on vacation this week (and next), but before I left I lined up a few sweet deals to tide you over. (And as you've no doubt discovered by now, some of CNET's finest will be filling in the rest of the time.)

For example, the Cheapskate is no stranger to VPN deals. A VPN is one of those tools pretty much everyone needs nowadays, because pretty much everyone connects to public, nonsecure Wi-Fi networks.

Without a VPN, your data simply isn't protected. With a VPN, go ahead and do your banking, check your email and log in wherever you need to log in.

OK, but which one? There are so. Many. CyberGhost is a top-rated option, but it often gets dinged for being one of the pricier ones.

Problem solved! StackSocial is offering a lifetime CyberGhost VPN subscription for $68 with promo code CHEAPGHOST. That's an extra 20 percent off its price of $84, which is already a steal: CyberGhost proper charges $60 per year.

That license includes simultaneous protection on up to five devices across multiple platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. CyberGhost hosts some 1,800 servers in 160 locations worldwide and allows for unlimited traffic on those servers.

Of particular importance: "Our servers keep no logs. We don't track your activity over the internet." Some VPNs have gotten in hot water of late for doing both. Whether they were doing it for any malicious (or even marketing) purposes is up for debate, but obviously it's preferable to have a VPN that keeps no trace of your activity.

I haven't used CyberGhost myself, but it scored a 4.5 out of 5 from CNET and 4 stars from PCMag. The big ding from both: price. Thankfully, with this deal that ding goes out the door. If you've yet to choose a VPN, it's high time you did -- and this is one of the better deals in recent memory.

Your thoughts?

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