Get a Lenovo Flex 14 convertible Haswell laptop for $575.28

Though it doesn't allow for full-on tablet duty, it does have a 300-degree hinged touch screen, plus all the benefits of a Haswell processor.


Convertible laptops? Pricey. Haswell laptops? Super-pricey. Lenovo? Didn't get the memo.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Lenovo is offering the Flex 14 convertible Haswell laptop for $575.28 shipped (plus sales tax where applicable) when you activate coupon code DAILYDEAL101 at checkout. (It's actually already there; all you have to do is click Activate.) Regular price: $799.

The Flex 14 is Lenovo's ideological successor to the Yoga, though ironically it's not quite as flexible as the latter. Although the screen can pivot past where a typical laptop's stops, it stops at 300 degrees, meaning it doesn't fold all the way around for tablet duty.

What good is that? This "kiosk" mode is nice for showing slideshows, slide decks, movies, and the like, and it could even be useful in customer-service environments. That's because it's also a 10-point multi-touch screen.

Not quite a full 360 degrees of rotation.
Not quite a full 360 degrees of rotation. Lenovo

However, it's a slightly low-resolution one, topping out at 1,366x768 pixels. I've said before I think that's sufficient in a PC of this size, though a 1080p display is certainly more desirable.

The other big deal about the Flex is that it includes Intel's fourth-generation (aka Haswell) Core i3 processor, which affords faster graphics performance and better battery life (up to nine hours, according to Lenovo) than the last-gen Core. That's kind of a big deal, as I've seen few Haswell-equipped laptops priced under $800, let alone with touch screens and convertible tendencies.

CNET hasn't done a full-on review of the Flex 14, but you can read Dan Ackerman's quick hands-on piece to get an idea of what it's like.

I'm thinking this is a mighty attractive deal on a leading-edge laptop. And by the way, Ebates is currently offering 3 percent cash back on Lenovo purchases, bringing your grand total down to around $558. (If you haven't already signed up, I can't recommend the service highly enough.)

Bonus deal: In case you missed it yesterday, and because it's Tablet Tuesday and all, Ematics just announced an 8-inch Android tablet priced at $129.99. This has already generated some interesting discussion on the merits of a "low-end" tablet versus the iPad Mini, which costs at least $200 more. And the Ematics model actually matches or exceeds the Mini in several key areas.

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